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We were asked by the production company Wall To Wall to help them with an episode of New Tricks, the prime time BBC drama, that had a graffiti themed story line. The shows story was that of solving the murder of a famous graffiti artist, ( not Banksy! ), who came from the street spraying graffiti and grew into a household name, with all the trimmings of an urban art pop star. We were consulted and quizzed on what a real graffiti artist does, act like, what materials they would use and how their artwork was produced. John and Antony at Wall To Wall gave us direction to exactly what they wanted which meant lots of emails, phone calls and meetings. Thankfully one of us at GraffitiArtist has a theatre and set design background which was worth it's weight in gold when it came to understanding how to decipher exactly what John wanted. We now understand that it's not just slapping a bit of paint up, it takes a lot of professionalism and following the brief to the minutest detail to get the perfect outcome. This shows we are multi skilled in the world of graffiti and open to art direction without blowing our tops and acting like divas!

We painted up some fantastic props, such a speed camera, subway train doors, phone boxes and hand painted canvases. Some of the pieces had to be non permanent and others were painted on-site for added realism. It was a real buzz seeing our artwork shown in a mocked up art exhibition at Tate Modern!!! 

Here's one of us with some of the cast of the BBC drama New Tricks