Spray paint party

A Spray Paint party is perfect for people aged 9 and above. Same as the Paint Pen party, theres an intro to graffiti art, schooling them on what a Tag name is and how to come up with one. We then ask all the guests to put on coverall suits over their clothes, put a mask and gloves on, and we then go outside. A quick Health and Safety chat about how to use the paint safely, then we show them how to spray paint, create a piece and each person has a few goes filling in the piece. After the cool graffiti mural has been completed we then show them how to create their own Graffiti lettering onto card, and add colour to their piece using child safe Posca paint pens. While everyone is doing this the artist will ask each guest what name or word they'd like drawn onto their individual 50cm x 20cm canvas. They can then use the same vibrant colours to decorate their canvas with some crazy fill-ins! When they're done the artist can sharpen the outline up and add some blings to finish each piece, ready to take them home.

Running time is an hour and 3/4 or so. As everyone colours at different speeds we make sure we don't rush anyone, so if it runs over a bit its all good :)

Cost per person is £30 each with a minimum of 5 people.

You're welcome to bring food with you for the party goers, or you can order some pizzas in.

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St Peters CE primary School, Harborne
Thank you so much for coming in today, the children won't stop going on about it :)
Winterfold House School, Dudley
A great morning had by all, will have to get you guys back next year!!!
The Pump Youth Centre, Lea Village
Great to meet you, the session went like a dream. Thank you so much!
Skate Park Graffiti workshop
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