Eden Girls School, Coventry

3rd July 2017

Aysha Patel, the finance support officer from Eden Girls' School asked us to come in and run a graffiti workshop with 2 classes of Year 7 students with varying abilities. I suggested that we could give a 30 min power point presentation, show the pupils how to create their own graffiti letters and each of the 70 students could help decorate a large, self adhesive canvas that could be kept by the school. Plus we asked Aysha to give us the first names of the students and a few days before the visit we drew out a graffiti outline on heavy duty card for each person to colour and keep. A date was arranged and we arrived bright and breezy and started the session with a brief history of modern day graffiti, with a few pictures and grizzly tales of how illegal tagging can get you in all kinds of trouble! We also made a point of explaining how positive the art form is and where it's going, which led us on to do some practical work and blasted out the graffiti mural (pictured) to display in the Art department. Everyone got stuck in and got a load out of it. At the end of the workshop we added some finishing touches to it and put it up, in pride of place at the school for all to see. 

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St Peters CE primary School, Harborne
Thank you so much for coming in today, the children won't stop going on about it :)
Winterfold House School, Dudley
A great morning had by all, will have to get you guys back next year!!!
The Pump Youth Centre, Lea Village
Great to meet you, the session went like a dream. Thank you so much!
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